CodeCeL is proud to present a new and very innovative feature called API for Application Program Interface. Stop wasting your precious time today ! It reduces you from manually submitting orders or returning orders to or from your customers, as well as increase your whole system reactivity and productivity.

Thanks to the new API you can do so, by simply entering our easy to use API script on your current website or API Key and deploying.


Create Your Site How does it work ?

Everytime an order (either by using our Web Interface, or API) is delivered to us, we instantly send an HTTP or HTTPS POST request to your server (using the provided URL) with all the informations required for you to process the delivery on your side. These are:

  • ID – ID of the order in our system
  • IMEI or MEID – The serial number of the phone concerned by this delivery.
  • Comment – The comment field as you entered when placing the order.
  • Service Name – The friendly name of the CodeCeL service used to process this order.
  • Status – Either ‘Delivered’ or ‘Unavailable’ indicating whether we were able to calculate a code for your phone.
  • Code – If Status is Delivered, you will find the Unlock Code here.
  • Callback URL – The URL that is being called with this data (needs to be here for technical reasons).

The listening script uses this information to process the order on your side ! You don’t have to call the CodeCeL server on a regular basis to check the status of your orders anymore, which will save you a lot of trouble as well as precious resources. Please make sure that your listening script will return an HTTP OK code and that the reply contains the string , otherwise we will consider that your server is down and attempt to resend the notification for up to 12 hours !

To setup your API, just go to the “API Settings” section of your CodeCeL account.

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